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Two-Day Payroll Seminar

This two- day training session covers some of the most important issues facing payroll.  At the end of this class, you'll know about the big issues in payroll that will get your company in deep trouble.  And you'll learn how to avoid those problems.  

This seminar is ideal for all payroll professionals as well as financial and operational executives.

Please note:  This seminar is offered in partnership with another seminar company and is not a Take Charge Seminar.  

Seminar Outline

 Independent Contractors

Just who IS an independent contractor?  We'll review the common law tests and discuss common errors that most employers make.  And we'll talk about things you can do to stay out of trouble.

 Taxation of Fringe Benefits

Everything you pay or give to an employee is taxable income, and you must withhold income taxes and FICA!  Well, not everything.  We'll go through what your responsibilities are and some of the big exceptions.

 Other Tax Issues

We'll cover some common W-4 and W-2 mistakes and how to protect yourself and your employees.

 Overtime and Wage and Hour

If you think that just because someone is salaried and works in an office means you don't have to pay overtime, you're in trouble.  We'll discuss the proper classification of exempt and non-exempt employees, and how to calculate overtime and working time.


This course will review what garnishments are, the limits that can be withheld from an employee's check, and the priorities of the various types of garnishments.

 Payroll Resources

There are a variety of resources available to keep you up to date on your legal responsibilities, as well as ways to make the payroll department more efficient.  We'll identify them for you and highlight some FREE ones as well.


We'll cover records retention issues, wage and hour responsibilities, and keeping your employees' payroll records confidential.

Cost of seminar $395

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"The class was very productive. Everything was great, nothing was left out."

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